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5 Best VR Games Right Now (June 2022)

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Best VR games right now

With every passing moment, VR is growing bigger and expanding its horizon. Every month, the number of games available grows, giving gamers more options for what they can experience in virtual reality. And June of 2022 is no exception. There is a really unique range of games that are dominating the VR charts, which you should definitely try out. As it stands in June of 2022, these are the five best VR games right now.

Let's just hope you're not claustrophobic since a handful of games put your problem-solving abilities to the test in tense, in-tight scenarios. However, if those games get a little too stressful, there's a game on this list that can help remedy that stress. Finally, our other additions provide all of the high-flying and action fighting you could ask for. What does that entail? You'll have to keep reading to learn about the five best VR games right now, in June 2022.


5. IronWolf VR

You've probably never been in a submarine. It's also not on many people's bucket lists. Understandably, the thought of being in a tin can submerged under the water doesn't sit well with most people. Well, if the thought has crossed your mind, in IronWolf VR, you can experience what it's like to be in a submarine and manage one, all while you remain on dry land. Of course, this wouldn't be complete without a twist, which is you may also be under attack.

If the thought of piloting a submarine wasn't stressful enough, try and do it while fending off waves of enemies. You can fire torpedoes at enemy ships, and shoot down enemy planes and bombers using anti-aircraft guns. You also need to be aware of those sneaky underwater mines that are oh-so-conveniently positioned. All fears and judgment aside, IronWolf VR is a really refined VR game that's seeing overwhelmingly positive reviews. The game continues to attract attention in June and is seeing more notoriety from users for its immersive experience.



4. Tin Can

Still continuing the theme of confined claustrophobic spaces, we bring you Tin Can. Trust us, it's a little more enticing than it sounds. The plot is that you've escaped your exploding spaceship in an old escape pod which is now hurtling throughout space. With no knowledge of the pod's mechanical systems, you're left with an onboard manual and your wits to help keep you alive. Although repairing isn't as straightforward as you may think, and it'll be a challenge to most players who believe they can solve every riddle in every game.

Each system has its own specific function yet they are all interconnected, which leads you in a million directions. The immersion component of your heartbeat and breathing being the only thing alerting you to your mortality adds to the intensity. As it starts to build up, you realize you're getting close to the end of your timeframe, which adds an element of anxiety to the already stressful task. So, if you're looking for a challenging VR, Tin Can is it. In June, the game saw a rush of players trying to prove they have what it takes to survive, the only question left, is do you?



3. Fly Dangerous

Best VR games right now

Okay let's take a step back from confined spaces, and into more open ones with Fly Dangerous. Even if we aren't dealing with life-threatening conditions, you can guarantee Fly Dangerous will give you an adrenaline rush. The game was released on the 24th of May, 2022, and is currently free to play with early access. Thankfully, this has helped Fly Dangerous rise to one of the best VR games right now in June 2022.

Essentially, Fly Dangerous put's you in the pilot seat of a ridiculously fast and fully-controllable rocket ship. Which is just about as nerve-wracking and gut-wrenching as you'd think it would be. It will take some time for you to gain a solid feel for the game and are flying like Tom Cruise, but once you do, then it's time for a challenge. You can join up in online multiplayer and race your friends, or see how you match up against the best pilots in the game.



2. The Last Clockwinder

Best VR games right now

Let's turn the adrenaline and anxiety level down a notch. The Last Clockwinder is a VR game that was recently released on June 2, 2022, and players are already loving the satisfying rhythm and style of the game. The game's original concept has players on a mission to repair an old clocktower constructed into the trunk of a massive tree. The catch is that you find a pair of gloves that turns any action you do into an infinite looping clockwork automaton.

The robot clones can perform any action you can do. From planting, cutting, grabbing, to even throwing items in the air. With each addition, your interconnected system of clones will turn into one big well-oiled machine, capable of restoring the tree and your home, back to life. As you do, you start to uncover stories about your past, giving the game its full circle meaning.



1. Vox Machinae

Best VR games right now

Now it's time to step into one of the most action-packed experiences to come to VR with Vox Machinae. If you've ever wanted to truly feel what it's like to be inside the cockpit of a giant battle-fighting robot, well now you can. Known as a Grinder, you can customize your battle machine with all the lasers, missiles, and cannons you could ask for. Which you'll need if you want to complete the game's single-player storyline.

However, if you're looking for the ultimate taste of giant robot combat action, then head over to online multiplayer which supports up to 16 players. Here you can truly feel what it's like to face off against other pilots in the ultimate robot deathmatch. There's also a variety of different game modes, all with their own challenges, which you can play online, co-op, or even offline with bots. As it stands in June of 2022, Vox Machinae is one of the best VR games right now and it's only continuing to grow bigger.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other VR games in June of 2022 that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

Riley Fonger is a freelance writer, music lover, and gamer since adolescence. He loves anything video game-related and grew up with a passion for story games such as Bioshock and The Last of Us.