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5 Best Video Game Relationships of All Time



There's a fine line between compulsory companionship and love, and neither are always shun in the brightest of lights when it comes to video games. We're often given small glimpses of how bonds entwine with the story, though full-fledged relationships are usually overshadowed by the primary story arc. But then, there are those that manage to encapsulate the impossible, and flawlessly gel the two together without losing sight of the objectives at hand.

It takes a lot to build a booming relationship in a video game. It also takes a lot to craft two compelling enough characters that will ultimately forge a believable alliance. But it has been done, of course. Actually, it's been done a lot. Whether every relationship has felt genuine or not is another question. Though, in our eyes, these are probably a few of the best couples in the industry to date.

5. Nathan & Elena (Uncharted)

A couple that plays Crash together? Well, that'll do. Give them a spot on this list.

What started out as a rather one-sided partnership eventually transitioned into two highly powered cogs that greased together like butter. Although Drake's Fortune (being the first chapter in the couple's anthology) launched with Nathan straight up abandoning news-hungry Elena at the starting line — the tales that followed suit soon started to entwine the two in a life-changing ordeal. Years later, both Elena and Nathan unified their backgrounds and forged one of the greatest alliances in gaming history.

Thrown into a life of adventure where death idled around almost every corner, it was clear that desperate journalist Elena just wasn't built for the dangers that it encompassed. But some ways down the line, she actually proved to be a valuable asset, loaded with knowledge and, on occasion, combat skills that could turn the tide in battle. Together, Elena and Drake formed one heck of a couple — and a team that we couldn't help but idolise for all the right reasons.


4. B.J. Blazkowicz & Anya (Wolfenstein)

It would be hard not to love a nurse after fourteen years of being looked after, to be honest.

After spending fourteen years in a vegetative state with Polish nurse Anya at his side for most hours of the day, it was only natural for veteran soldier B.J. Blazkowicz to feel a hardened bond with her. And, after learning of the Nazi victory from World War II, that bond became sort of sacred, with Anya acting as Blazkowicz's life raft in a storm of unexpected events.

Over one rollercoaster of a journey through vast oceans of bullets and bolstered armies, Blazkowicz and Anya became two of the strongest survivors in the Nazi-colonised world. As two unstoppable forces with a looming hunger for rebellion, both knotted together to assemble an army of two, combining knowledge and combat to aid the turmoil of war. Textbook relationship, clean and simple.


3. Tidus & Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

“Don't…cry. It's just a game, Jord. It's just a game. They don't have feelings.”

Square Enix has been known to build on emotionally charged love stories in its role-playing games over the years. Final Fantasy X, although only one chapter among the many, was hands down the best example of this, with Tidus and Yuna solidifying their places as two lofty characters on a board that hardly lacked pawns.

Final Fantasy X definitely wasn't your run-of-the-mill tale. It was rifled with twists and turns, betrayal and bewilderment, and the core relationships it enveloped were all nested with curveballs and calamities. But that's sort of why we loved it. Tidus and Yuna, despite being worlds apart in reality, were actually emotionally tied at the hip. And as far as love stories go in current times — both his and hers are still regarded as the best in the series to date.


2. Eddie & Ophelia (Brutal Legend)


Who said rock and romance couldn't go hand in hand? It worked, didn't it?

Now, I'd love to go on a journey through the many video game couples that sweat heavy metal and mosh pits. But I can't. There just isn't anywhere near enough to compile a list from — let alone talk about. And that's sort of why Brutal Legend's Eddie and Ophelia feel that little more special. They're unlikely forces with an outlandish origin story, and yet a couple that effortlessly bleeds compassion and cooperation.

In a dark world forged from metal and madness, roadie Eddie Riggs finds himself submerged between two overpowering factions that use manipulation to keep the population slaved. Using the power of music, Eddie introduces the hell-bent Ophelia to a whole new world, where a well placed solo has the ability to give the rebellion a voice and ultimately change the tides of war. You know, just your bog-standard first date.


1. Ellie & Dina


The moments Ellie and Dina share are both sacred and beautiful. And, the weight of the relationship doubles if you played through Left Behind, too.

At first, it didn't seem possible to be able to associate a post-apocalyptic zombie noir with an underlying love story — and yet it somehow became one the more we powered through the journey. Ellie of all people had faced so many hardships over her lifetime, that Dina was an absolute sight for sore eyes come Part II. And although a lot of moments the two shared were optional and often hidden — they were surprisingly some of the best moments in the story overall.

From dancing under candlelight to singing to one another in an abandoned music store. Patching up wounds to talking about the future — Ellie and Dina always made the best of diabolical situations. As a team, the two shun light on the darkness that cloaked the open wastelands. Every moment, both good and bad — all contributed towards one of the sweetest love stories and most memorable relationships of all time. Change my mind.

So, what did we miss? What blossoming relationships would you have put on this list? Let us know over on our socials here.


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