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5 Best Video Game Communities of 2022

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It's rare that you'll find a friendly community of like-minded gamers in this day and age. So amped up are the vast majority of online lobbies, that harassment, anger, and general toxicity are what seemingly keeps them afloat. That said, there are a few close-knit cliques who share the love of comradery and gaming, in general. It's these communities that we live for, and it's these that we draw upon in desperate times of need.

The good news is, the online world isn't all doom and gloom. In fact, there are a number of genuinely inviting communities that nail social etiquette, to a tee. And so, if you ever happen to lose your way and only wish to join a group of like-minded players going forward, then be sure to introduce yourself to one of these five friendly firms.

5. Elden Ring

As anarchic and as perilous as FromSoftware's games are, the series' flagship community is actually a light in the dark, built to stand against the common goal of dismantling the countless threats the Soulslike series throw at it. And honestly, if you're the type of gamer who enjoys cutthroat battles and trial and error gameplay, then you're probably the same type of person who gets a kick out of helping other like-minded players along the same journey.

There's this bond that can't be described, and it comes included with every game FromSoftware releases. Elden Ring, for example, has messages left by other players all throughout the open world, each offering a word of warning, a tip for beating a foe, or a small piece of advice for newcomers in a rut. There's a spiritual connection between players, and it is perhaps one of the most wholesome in the whole industry. And to think, this is a series of games known for being unforgiving and relentlessly difficult.


4. Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a four-player zombie horror game that casts a harsh focus on teamwork and perseverance. As survivors in a broken world bursting at the seams with flesh-eating corpses, working together is the only strategy you'll need to get you through to the bitter end. With that, of course, comes a community of genuine players, all of whom are happy to risk life and limb to get you through to the grand finale.

This isn't a new achievement for Back 4 Blood's developers, mind you. Lest we forget its former successes, which of course includes Left 4 Dead, another four-player zombie flick that favors teamwork over rivalry. The two series combined nudges Turtle Rock Studios' reputation as one of the most wholesome firms on the block to new and refreshing heights.


3. World of Warcraft


It's easy to make assumptions about World of Warcraft and its thirteen million-plus player base. And to be fair, not every one of those players are going to give you a helping hand for no reason other than to nudge you closer to soaking up the endgame content. But the majority of them, however, are usually on hand to line any newcomers' pockets with unwanted gold, items, and crafting materials.

The thing about World of Warcraft is, well, players spend a lot of time on it, to the point of having more stock than they know what to do with. Because of this, players are always happy to guide another in need, as well as lumber them with the tools to embark on epic voyages. They're also some of the most down-to-earth people on the MMORPG frontline, and it's only very rarely that you'll face any sort of hostility from another player, regardless of their chosen allegiance.


2. Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley has one of the friendliest online multiplayer worlds simply because, you know — it's a farming simulator. It certainly isn't the most stressful game to get caught up in, and its slower than normal pace contributes towards the laid back vibe of its community. For that, it's easy to see why so many are happy to plant roots in its sweetened soil.

Of course, Stardew Valley doesn't have to be played with others. In fact, players can get the same experience from running it as a lone wolf. Not that you'd want to, though, as the millions of other creators basically ooze positivity and decorum. And so, sharing your very own valley really isn't something to be cautious about. That is, providing you don't mind sharing the fruits of your labor with other neighboring folks.


1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Finding even the smallest shred of toxicity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is about as rare as finding a needle in a haystack. Not that you should worry about finding one at all, though, seeing as the game only hosts the kindest of souls and friendliest neighbors. With that, any newcomer to the series can pretty much expect smooth sailing right from the get-go, which makes it one of the most inclusive games on the market.

Of course, Nintendo has a solid reputation for bringing out the best in people. And to be fair, it isn't often that you'll find a toxic collective in any one of its franchises — especially Animal Crossing. And so, for those who only wish to take respite from the storm, New Horizons is a perfect place to call a home away from home. It doesn't matter if you're governing your own island, or simply visiting a neighboring one, because at the end of the day, everyone shares the same purpose, which is to build without limits, safe in the thought that toxicity is completely out of the equation.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any friendly communities we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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