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5 Best Video Game Brothers, Ranked



There have been many different pairs of siblings in video game history. Some you will know off the top of your head, while other are more obscure. Some brothers aren’t even revealed to be related until much later in the story of a game. The truth is that family relations are a good plot device to use. Many gamers have siblings or at least friends that they would consider to be one. Because of these close family relations, like that of brothers, tends to stick around in gamers’ heads. Below, we got together five of the best pairs of video game brothers. Some of these brothers you might already know, while one set you may be surprised to find out are related.


5. Naia & Naiee

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons is an indie game that completely revolves around two brothers. This is a puzzle title that requires you to get the two brothers to work together. The most intresting thing about the game is that you can’t understand it. The brothers talk in a foreign language, and there is little communication. You must rely on your puzzle-solving skills to help them navigate the world around them. They also have different strengths. The eldest brother is the brute strength, while the younger brother can navigate small pathways.

You can play the game single-player or co-op to get the complete experience of working with another person. This is one of the only games that is completely based around the idea of two siblings working together. It is an emotional game, despite the lack of dialouge, and many players think that it is an indie game staple.


4. Timmy and Tommy

Animal Crossing: New Horizon took the gaming world by storm when it was released. The game put Timmy and Tommy as a main part of the game’s cast. These video game brothers have taken over Nook and Crannie, the location that buys and sells goods to players. Instead of garnering the hate of Tom Nook, though, players fell for the pair. You can speak with both brothers, who ever you are standing next to will be the brother that tries to help you when you are buying or selling items.

The brothers are young, though, and won’t handle your home loan. They also won’t roam the island, so the only way to see them is by stopping by the shop. Luckily, you will need to pop in a lot if you want to make money and collect all the games items. In addition, you can build a house for the pair if you scan in their Amiibo and have the Happy Home Designer DLC installed.


3. Diluc and Kaeya

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games in the world, and it also has a pair of video game brothers. Fans are serious about the lore of the game and how everything connects. It can be easy to miss that Diluc and Kaeya are adopted brothers, though. Kaeya was dropped off at the Dawn Winery, and taken in by Dilucs dad. The two had a close relationship for quite some time. When it was revealed that Kaeya was a spy on the night of their fathers death though, things turned sour. Now the two are on opposite sides of the knights.

Diluc is stern and straightfoward while Kaeya, is mischievous. The two are often at odds, and the moments they share together can be rather comedic. It does seem that Kaeya feels remorseful for their relationship. Fans are hoping that they eventually get to see the pair completely reconcile. This likely won’t happen for a while, though, as the tragedy of their father is closely related to delusions.


2. Luigi and Mario

The most famous pair of video game brothers is Mario and Luigi. The Mario series is one of the most iconic in gaming and even non-games know about the pair of plumbers. While Luigi was originally made to feel the co-op role, he now has his own games. The two have gone on many adventures together, including somewhere they even play golf. In addition, Luigi even works hard to save Mario in the original Luigi’s Mansion game. He was even present in games like Paper Mario, where he would tell his own side-story when you spoke with him or read his diary.

While the brothers may not always seem the closest, especially with how petty Mario can be, they are well-known. They will likely have tons of games together for decades to come, even if Luigi rarely gets the spotlight. Furthermore, Luigi will always be present in any co-op Mario games, whether they be one of the spin-off titles or not. Hopefully one day, we will get to see Luigi lead Mario on a grand adventure though.


1. Dante and Vergil

Most of the video game brothers on this list get along fairly well. In the case of Devil May Cry’s sibling pair, though, things aren’t quite so nice. Dante and Vergil have been going at it for quite some time. In fact, if you have played to the end of Devil May Cry 5, you already know that Nero is likely the only reason both are still alive. Both characters are popular among the fanbase, especially since Virgil typically is a DLC character that players can’t wait to play as.

The only Devil May Cry that Vergil doesn’t appear in is DMC2. Of course, Dante is in every game in the series, even the ones that featured Nero. If you are looking for a more spiteful relationship, then this pair is your number one choice. Being able to fight as both of them is also a nice touch, as they each have unique powers. This makes playing through the entire game as Vergil have a completely unique feel that hardcore players just can’t get enough of.


So, what’s your take on these video game brothers? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

Jessica is a resident otaku and Genshin-obsessed writer. Jess is an industry veteran who takes pride in working with JRPG and indie developers. Along with gaming, you can find them collecting anime figures and having too much faith in Isekai anime.