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5 Best PlayStation 5 Horror Games You Should Play This Halloween

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PlayStation 5 Horror Games

Ghostly greetings! Halloween is around the corner, and it is yet another time to eat, drink, and be scared. For gamers, it is a time to experience a spine-chilling adventure that gets you into a frightening mood. What better way to kick off the holiday than with a traditional round-up of scary games you should try on the newest console- Playstation 5So get your gear and hold on to your seat as we explore the five best PlayStation 5 horror games you should play this Halloween. 


5. Resident Evil Village

Capcom never disappoints with every sequel in the Resident Evil series. As one of the long-running survival horror franchises, you may think the game loses its touch by recycling frights instead of redefining them as is the case with other games in the genre. Resident Evil Village takes a new approach, different from its predecessor.

The game is set three years later, following the events of Resident Evil 7. Players take control of the returning protagonist, Ethan Winters. In this classic survival tale, Ethan has to fight off mutant creatures while searching for his missing daughter. Capcom cranks up the heat with more combat action while retaining various horror elements from its predecessors. What's more, Ethan's military training equipped him with more combat skills.

Stunning visuals and a spooky soundtrack add to the game's immersive experience. Using the first-person shooter perspective, you can explore the snowy village and scale buildings to fight enemies. Capcom did outdo themselves in this one. This is definitely a spooky game you should play this Halloween.


4. The Quarry

This fine re-tale of a summer camp horror story makes it to our list of Playstation 5 horror games you should play this Halloween. The Quarry is a popular choice for horror movie fans as it puts you in the shoes of potential murder victims. The interactive drama horror follows a cast of nine teenagers in a quest to survive a horrifying experience at Hackett's Quarry. 

Players take on the roles of the teens while playing from a third-person perspective. You must make crucial decisions that guide the game's plot and forge meaningful relationships that will be instrumental in your survival. You will take turns playing as each of the teens. The choices you make in the game will result in different endings. An early death of a character can shorten the game. 

The game also features a movie mode, which lets you see how the events will play out. However, you will miss out on all the excitement and thrill of the interactions. The Quarry is your classic. Furthermore, you can undo the deaths of characters using Death Rewind, accessible after completing the first playthrough.


3. Alan Wake: Remastered

Are you brave enough to face the unknown? Well, you should be before you step into the world of darkness in this action-adventure game. Alan Wake: Remastered is a psychological thriller game that lets you play as the protagonist, Alan Wake, as you embark on a spine-chilling trip through the woods searching for Wake's wife.

The game is set in the fictional town of Bright Falls, where darkness possesses humans, objects, and animals. As Wake searches for his wife, he has to be wary of these dark shadows known as the Taken. Gunfire alone can't bring down these shadows. Light appears to be the shadow's kryptonite, whereby shining your flashlight on these shadowy creatures increases their vulnerability to gunfire attacks. 

The game is filled with cliffhangers and plot twists, and the game is similar to most thriller TV episodes. The game has eight episodes, each coupled with fear and tension. The foreboding atmosphere constantly reminds you of the unknown lurking in the dark, which will leave you distraught.


2. Alien Isolation

PlayStation 5 Horror Games

Have you ever wondered what horrors the universe can hold? Alien-Isolation gives you a fictional view of what space may behold. Developed by Creative Assembly, this survival horror game is played in the first-person perspective and is based on the film series Alien. This narrative conflict game emphasizes stealth and brings to life the apprehensive atmosphere with lofi visuals. 

You play Amanda Ripley, daughter of Signorney Weaver's Ellen Ripley, who disappears under mysterious circumstances while on board the Space Station in Sevastopol. While evading an eight-foot-tall alien, Amanda sets off on a quest to investigate her mother's disappearance on the derelict space station. Using a first-person perspective, you get to explore the space station in search of clues. However, you should be wary of the alien creatures lurking in the shadows and human stragglers. 

The game's greatest strength is the xenomorph's unpredictability, which you will soon get to learn. You may be better off crouching through the halls of the space station. Any sudden movement or noise will expose you to an imminent attack from the xenomorphs, human stragglers, or rogue robots aboard the ship.


1. Dead by Daylight

Which do you find easier, being the savage killer or running for your dear life? Well, this asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game lets you decide before playing. Developed by Behavior Interactive, Dead by Deadlight is a one-versus four game where each team has two objectives: survive and kill. 

Survivors must work their way through the map and power up generators that will lead them to their salvation. However, they must do this before the killer tracks them down and maims them. One strike from the killer will injure a survivor. A second strike will put you in a dying state. However, you will have a shot of escaping after the first strike. 

This PlayStation 5 horror game uses two gameplay modes, which create a thrilling and compelling sense of horror. Using stealth and teamwork, survivors must stay out of the killer's line of sight. Furthermore, the horror game also features a series of random minigames when attempting to fix the generators. You should be careful; a missed step in the minigame will quickly draw the killer to your location.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five PlayStation 5 Horror Games? Are there any other horror games you'd recommend for this list? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.

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