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5 Best PlayStation 5 Games, According to Metacritic



Games Like Demon's Souls

If you are wondering what the Best PlayStation 5 Games then we have you covered. The games below have all received glowing review scores from sites across the internet. Whether it be for their innovative gameplay or story, you don't want to miss out. There's something for everyone on this list as well. Whether you are a fan of sports games or you're looking for an MMORPG to play with friends.

5. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

final fantasy xiv a realm reborn MMORPG

Final Fantasy XIV has enjoyed a monstrous surge in success and popularity. This is in no doubt due to the content within its critically acclaimed expansion Endwalker. The culmination of a storyline that began since the game's inception, Endwalker serves to set a new standard in MMORPG storytelling and content released. The fourth expansion for the game includes the conclusion to the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story. Players of the game will find that while the expansion serves as an ending in some ways, it also welcomes new beginnings. Introducing new classes, namely the Sage and Reaper classes. Which can only be learned past level 70. included within this content-packed expansion are two new cities, Old Sharlyan and Radz-at-Han.

These areas include new dungeons to go along with them. Additionally, a new raid has been added as well, dubbed Pandaemonium. It is a higher difficulty raid that hopes to give more challenge to players toward the endgame. Players who have invested their time and Gil into the housing system will be glad to find that a new housing district in Ishgard allows for player housing in that zone as well. All in all, Endwalker serves as not only a testament to what Final Fantasy 14 has done but also a look into the future of one of the MMORPG genre's brightest titles.


4. Tony Hawk Pro Skater – 1 & 2

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2 is a love letter to fans of the classic games. Developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Activision, the collection of these two games lovingly recreates experiences of the past. Whether it's ripping through familiar levels from the past or trying to be the completionist younger you could never be, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2 are sure to leave you with plenty to do. Score Challenge and Skate game modes make a welcome return as being fan-favorite modes of the games. These modes, as well as Trick Attack and Combo Challenges for the multiplayer component of the game, ensure that players will never run out of rails to grind or air to grab.

Featuring an updated version of the game's classic soundtracks, the games offer nostalgia to those who grew up playing them. While being a faithful recreation of the first two Tony Hawk games, the remake also incorporates later mechanics from other Tony Hawk titles into the game. Such as reverts, spine transfers, and wall plants, to keep those combos going. In conclusion, the first two Tony Hawk games were lovingly recreated for a new generation of players to enjoy as one of the best PlayStation 5 games.

3. Demon Souls

Demon Souls is a graphical powerhouse. Recreated for the PlayStation 5, the remake of Demon Souls only proves how much work is poured into every Souls title. Many players may not have been able to experience Demon Souls and were introduced to the series through either Bloodbourne or Dark Souls. This remake allows players to see the beginning of the Souls series in all its glory. It's painstakingly recreated for the PS5. Being a launch title for the console means that a lot of faith was put into the gameplay and presentation of this title. While the story beats and a few other elements remain the same in this remake. The performance of the game is something that has received much praise.

Shipping with two distinct graphical modes, namely Cinematic and Performance. Players on the PS5 are able to take full advantage of the power of the console to have a buttery smooth experience. The remake of Demon Souls serves to prove that with a strong gameplay loop and a gorgeous world. Players will face any challenge set before them to discover a timeless journey through this game.

2. Hades

Hades is a dungeon crawler with tons of personality and one of the best PlayStation 5 games . Based on the Greek pantheon, players will go through various dungeons to defeat many enemies and bosses. Created and published by Supergiant Games, the game places you in the shoes of Hades' son. Tasked with escaping the Underworld and gaining access to Olympus. Players are aided in their journey by many of the Greek gods. With a familiar hack and slash combat system that fans of the genre will feel at home with, the game is also simple enough in mechanics to pick up and play. Featuring randomized rooms that make up the game's dungeons, adding to the replayability of this title.

With a skill-based combat system that relies on the player's ability to hit skill shots adds a layer of depth to the combat and room enough for error to make the game more challenging. This ensures that whether you are just starting out in the game or returning for that last run-through of a final level, the gameplay will be varied and enjoyable at either stage. Hades has received much critical acclaim for its gameplay as well as its story. This makes it without a doubt a title that players need to pick up.

1. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a masterclass in art and game design. Created by the masterminds at Fromsoft with the DNA of their Souls series. Elden Ring only improves on a time-tested formula. Featuring a more intuitive cooperative system than past games. Elden Ring makes it easier to just join up with friends and conquer bosses. The world in which Elden Ring takes place is also notably brighter than in past entries. Maneuvering through the world is also made simpler through the mount the player receives at the start.

This fact, as well as the simplicity with which players can summon their friends, ensures a more communicative experience than in past titles. Praised for its art and enemy design, as well as the ever-solid gameplay of the Souls series Elden Ring, is a title that only serves to prove its praises ring true with time.

So, do you think that these are the Best PlayStation 5 Games? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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