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5 Best Party Games to Play This Easter 2022

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Being Easter weekend means it's a great time to enjoy the company of family and friends. And what better way to enjoy this time than with the best party games. Nothing beats a sociable party game that involves everyone and provides hours of entertainment. From competing to being the best dancer, racer, or funniest person at the party, the party games in this list will make sure that everyone is having a good time. Regardless if you're with a group of gamers or not.

Bringing any of these games party games to your Easter event is sure to make for an entertaining time. Also, be aware that some of them can get rather competitive, resulting in some exciting and tense game moments. In any case, these games will guarantee that your party will be filled with laughs and smiles the whole way through.


5. Quiplash

A game that is sure to fill your party with entertainment and laughter is Quiplash. It's much like Cards Against Humanity, except in Quiplash you come up with your own answers. The witty game lets up eight players join through their phone or tablet and will have them answer a series of prompts. These could be anywhere from thinking of the worst theme for a pinball machine to coming up with a new name for a popular movie.

The best part is that there's no correct answer and with that no rules on how to answer. All it comes down to is your wits and imagination to fill in the blanks for questions. Then after that, everyone playing get's to vote on the best answer. Which results in a lot of amusing and hilarious responses. Quiplash will definitely entertain your guest and bring a lot of laughs to your party. There's also a good chance that you'll discover a new comedy king amongst your family and friends.



4. Super Mario Party

Easter is a time for family, and nothing makes that time more enjoyable than a little friendly rivalry in Super Mario Party. Loaded with over 80 minigames, all compatible with up to four players, there is tons of content to keep your Easter party live. There is even a handful of two vs two-player mini-games, and Co-op ones, just in case the competition gets a little heated. To top it all off, there are team mini-games like Mini Baseball and Soccer to get everyone at your party involved.

Super Mario Party is a social game that just doesn't die out or get dull. It's credited with so many siblings and family rivalries, you might even want to make it a yearly Easter event. Sadly, Super Mario Party is a Switch exclusive, but in this case, it's great as it will hook up to your TV and can be enjoyed by everyone at you're party.



3. Just Dance 2022

Just Dance is an all-time party game classic, that will have everyone at your Easter party competing to be the best dancer. All it takes is one open spirit to jump up there and start boogieing, and you'll have a mini dancing circle on your hands. It also doubles to bring lively up-beat music to you're party as the game is loaded with a bunch of hit songs from over the years. From Justin Timberlake to Katy Perry, there are tons of notable artists and songs in the Just Dance 2020 playlist. That means even the people not sweating it out for the high score can enjoy the soundtrack.

There is even a list of songs for a kids mode to occupy the little ones while you enjoy catching up with family and friends. The best part is that kids aren't as nervous showing off their dancing skills, and will most likely be occupied by the game for hours. With that, there's a good chance they will be ready for bed by the time the parties over.



2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

mario kart 8 deluxe switch exclusive

Another all-time classic party game is Mario Kart. And if you've played Mario Kart 8, you're probably well aware of just how entertaining and frustrating the game can be. You can be in the lead all race, just for your friend to hit you with a blue shell and slide in for the victory. Or if you're lucky, it's you who tossed the blue shell and got the last laugh. Regardless, Mario Kart 8 is full of back and forth racing action that makes it a super entertaining party game.

This is another game that is a Switch exclusive, but it is definitely worth it. You simply can't go wrong with Mario Kart 8 as it's sure to keep everyone invested for hours. It's so entertaining that you often can get carried away in the races, resulting in some memorable moments. So after playing Mario Kart 8, expect a heated dispute amongst your family and friends for who is the best go-kart racer.



1. Jackbox Party Pack

Made by the same developers of Quiplash, Jackbox Party Pack is hands down the most popular party game currently. That's most likely because while Jackbox only supports up to a max of eight players, it also has an audience play-along. There's no controller required and you also don't need a specific console for Jackbox. It's available on all platforms and even streaming devices like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. This makes it a quick and easy way to get right into the party game fun.

The way Jackbox Party Pack works is that you'll need to purchase one of the nine total party packs. Each party pack includes a variety of five sociable games, so one party pack will do you just fine, or you can get them all for maximum choice. From trivia knowledge, clever word games, to even personality tests, each Party Pack will deliver a great variety of exciting games. You really can't go wrong with Jackbox Party Pack even if you're party is in person or online.


So which party game are you going to try out first? Are there other games you feel should be included on this list? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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