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5 Best Origin Headsets for Gaming (2022)

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You don't want to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to headphones audio. If you do, there's a chance it could jeopardize your gaming experience. Origin is one brand that is making strides to provide the best gaming headsets in order to enhance your gaming experience. As a result, if you're looking for acoustic and directional headsets, Origin is a go-to option. Their headsets deliver on the most important fronts of audio immersion, acoustic sound, and pinpoint sound direction.

Making Origin an obvious choice no matter your gaming desires. Whether you're aiming to be the best FPS player in CS:GO, looking to conquer the battle royale scene in Apex Legends, or simply wanting a headset that will immerse you in your favorite narrative title, Origin has you covered. While every Origin headset on this list will provide amazing audio, we want to go more in-depth about which is the best option for what games and who takes the crown, overall.



5. HS60 Pro Surround Gaming Headset

If you want to meet the middle of quality and value, then turn to the HS60 Pros. They are the cheapest option on this list and don't sway too far in performance from their HS series counterparts. With custom-tuned 50mm neodymium drivers, you won't have trouble distinguishing sounds on the battlefield. And for that matter, where they're coming from. With 7.1 surround sound included, you can rely on the HS60 Pro to have your back in the midst of battle.

However, sometimes you need to have your teammates back. That's why the HS60 Pro comes with a fully detachable, unidirectional mic that is Discord-Certified. I know these are already pretty two good selling points, but I'm not done. Matching the quality of the microphone and sound, is the headset's comfort. The ear cups and headband are fitted with plush memory foam, so you never have to wrestle the headset for a good fit.



4. Void RGB Elite Wireless Headset

Credit: Wccftech

A lot of times, a headsets cord can be problematic. It can tangle itself up and get in the way of your gaming experience. That's why it might be a good choice to go wireless with the Void RGB Elite Wireless. They support 16 hours' worth of wireless battery, so unless you're planning on pulling a 24-hour session, you're in good hands. On top of that, they stay connected with up to 40ft of wireless range. So, if your hot pockets haven't come out of the microwave yet, but the game is about to begin, you have the convenience of being able to game from anywhere you choose.

Don't believe the Void RGB Elite is lacking in any way when it comes to the most crucial aspect, the audio; because they aren't. With 7.1 surround sound support and heightened frequency response, you're covered from all angles. Not to mention an on-ear volume and mute controls just for the added convenience. To top it off, the Void RGB Elite is RGB-customizable with a variety of colors, just to add a little additional flair to the headset's aesthetic.



3. HS70 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Credit: Vortez

If the HS60 Pro piqued your curiosity, as did the Void RGB Elite's wireless capabilities, you'll want to look into the HS70 Pro, which combines the greatest features of both headsets. Being a wireless headset, the HS70 follows suit with a 40ft wireless range and 16-hour battery life. And no Origin didn't forget about the volume control wheel on the ear cups, and even a mic mute button. Just in case someone is in need of your divided attention.

The HS70 doesn't falter on audio and mic quality either. They have superb sound, with multi-channel audio, that puts you right into the action. With that, 7.1 surround sound, because Origin understands that dying to a flank, can be a controller breaking experience.



2. HS80 RGB Wireless Premium Gaming Headset


Leading Origins HS series is the HS80, and it's with good reason. It boasts the widest frequency range and the best-balanced surround sound. That's because the HS80 takes a step up from 7.1 surround sound, to spatial audio. Created in cooperation with Dolby ATMOS, spatial audio provides the most impressive soundstage with three-dimensional precision. So the HS80 won't fail to give you pinpoint cues for sound direction, and won't have any trouble feeling immersed.

If you were satisfied with the wireless functionality of Origins' previous headsets on our list, well the HS80 exceeds even those headsets' expectations. With wireless slip-stream technology, you are getting hyper-fast wireless transmission, with 20 hours of battery life and 60ft of connective range. I doubt you'll ever be 60ft away from your moniter, but at least you know you can rely on the HS80 if the moment ever arrives.



1. Virtuoso RGB Wireless High-Fidelity Gaming Headset

Credit: GamesRadar

Like I said at the beginning of this list, you don't want to settle for anything but the best when it comes to headsets. And while many of the Origins headsets featured in this list will provide you with the greatest experience possible, one headset stands out above the rest; the Virtuoso High-Fidelity Gaming Headset.

At the top of its class, Virtuoso's sound quality brings doubles the frequency range of all the headsets mentioned on this list. The mics frequency response is also equipped with slip-stream wireless technology, doubling the frequency response of all headsets mics on this list, except for the HS80 Pro.

Aside from delivering the most notable microphone and sound quality, the Virtuoso does everything else to a high-level degree. There's memory foam padding across the headset, light-weight but durable material, and extensive compatibility. With checkmarks all across the board, the Virtuoso proves for itself why it's the best Origin gaming headset, and one of the top competing headsets on the market.


So what Origin headset do you have? Or which one on this list are you most excited to get? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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