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5 Best NFT Games in 2022

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NFT gaming keeps getting bigger and better as calendars flip, and 2022 is no different. This year has seen players enjoy multiple gaming titles and bank some serious cash from their gaming ventures. However, with the number of NFT games out there, it's hard to know what you should be playing at what times. So, this article will list five of the best NFT games of 2022, so you can focus on what matters most, playing and winning, and cashing out.


5. Revv Racing

Best NFT Games

Speed can be thrilling for many gamers, which makes Revv Racing one of the best NFT games to play in 2022. With striking similarities to most racing video games, Revv Racing feels like home for many players, but with the twist that you earn crypto for your driving prowess.

The game features first, and third-person camera views to give that immersive racing experience. This arcade racing simulation game also displays multiple 3D environments and an impressive tournament line-up. With tournaments like No-limits open for all cars and dare-devil stunts to car-specific races set depending on the rarity of your car NFT and its ranking.

To participate in these tournaments, you need to pay a racing fee in Revv Tokens, the in-game currency. When you win a tournament, you will also receive REVV tokens as your reward.


4. Star Atlas

Best NFT Games

Space exploration isn't always about battling aliens. Sometimes it's about building civilizations, which is what Star Atlas gives players. This spectacular Metaverse game allows you to experience what it would be like to travel in time and build a civilization in space.  The Star Atlas gameplay is like a metaverse version of Monopoly with a dash of sci-fi sprinkled on top. The game begins in 2620, when Earth's governance is in the hands of three groups, humans, aliens, and sentient androids. The three are in conflict because of the diminishing resources on Earth; hence, each faction's members begin exploring the galaxies for minerals they can mine and exploit to grow their group's strength.

Star Atlas is a mind-blowing space exploration game where players get to choose careers, cruise magnificent space ships, mine, trade rare minerals, and build infrastructure for doing all this. In between, there are inter-faction battles to conquer different territories and massive rewards paid in POLIS, Star Atlas' native token.


3. Decentraland

Playing a multiplayer metaverse virtual reality game like Decentraland is fantastic for gamers who value creativity above all else. Decentraland is the leading 3D crypto virtual reality game, and it rightfully earns this title. As a Decentraland player, you can make and play your own games. This is because Decentraland's gameplay is hinged on the premise that players can bring their gaming imagination to life through virtual reality. 

That said, Decentraland provides NFT parcels of land which you can purchase or rent and later build or create anything that your imagination and the confines of the NFT space can allow. From art to stadiums, real estate, and concerts, you name it, and it can exist on Decentraland. Even more exciting is that you don't need programming knowledge to build any of these. You can simply use the Decentraland Builder tool to create all your NFTs and determine how other players will interact with them. If you create a fun experience, other players will pay a fee to play your game. Part of the fee comes to you as a reward in MANA, Decentraland's native token.


2. Battle of the Guardians

One of the best action-adventure titles you can play in 2022 is Battle of the Guardians (BoG). For a start, it is the first real-time multiplayer NFT game where players can launch fierce multi-realm battles against each other for rewards. The realms featured in the game stem from a gripping storyline that begins with humans and the superior, powerful creatures that live among them, the Guardians. Humans and Guardians had an excellent relationship, with humans revering Guardians and Guardians protecting humans and restoring the balance of the universe. However, humans developed technology, and reliance on their inventions pushed the Guardians further and further into the backdrop, till one day, the Guardians disappeared. 

Several millennia later, humans accidentally opened a portal connecting Earth to Hell. Creatures called demons flooded Earth and threatened to wipe out the human race. But, just as all hope was about to be lost, the Guardians resurface, and the real war begins. You can play BOG as a member of either faction, Human Guardian or Demon. You can play against AI in story mode and earn FP or play in arena mode where you battle other players. Besides these tournaments, you can also make money on BoG by participating in bouts. 

Bouts are tournaments where you battle other players in groups of 8, 16, or 32 players. You need to pay entry fees to participate in a Bout, and the Bout's winner takes home the sum of the fees paid for the Bout.


1. Illuvium

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For an adrenaline-packed space adventure, you'll want to dive right into Illuvium. This NFT game became an instant sensation when it launched, and there's been no turning back. Illuvium begins when the character you control finds themselves on a planet called Illuvium. Your character is the last survivor of a spaceship crash, and now they have to find their way on this new planet full of mythical extraterrestrial creatures called Illuvials.

Your first quest is to find an Illuviary, a catalog that lists the names of all illuvials on the planet. To decrypt the Illuviary, you must find, fight, and capture an illuvial, then register their DNA. In your interplanetary space adventure, you can form a powerful team of Illuvials and battle out other players for impressive rewards paid in ILV, Illuvium's native token.

To learn more visit How to Buy ILV Tokens.

That wraps up our top five list of the best NFT games in 2022. So, what do you think? Have we covered it all? Is there another game that is more deserving of the top five spots? Drop us your opinion on our socials here or in the comment section below.


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