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5 Best Minecraft Builds of 2021, Ranked



Mojang Studios has had the absolute luxury of watching the acclaimed Minecraft world rise in power over the last decade. Even with a slight dip in popularity around 2016, the sandbox phenomenon has still managed to crack next-level figures and become one of the most successful video games of all time. And now, as we push into 2022 and set our sights on the next chapter in the pixelated anthology, we can rest assured that the platform it builds from is secure and its tools are most definitely plentiful.

But anyway, as a way to celebrate ten fantastic years of creative sparks and quality builds, we thought we’d tap into some of the greatest worlds that have blossomed over the last twelve months. From fan-made remakes of cult classic movie settings to unique landscapes bursting with innovative designs, here are, in our opinion, five of the best creations from this year.

5. Middle-Earth

Minecraft Middle-Earth

Now, in most cases, you’d probably be content with spending a few hours with one world and then moving over to the next. After all, your ideas are rich and in abundance, and the only way to paint all of those wondrous paintings in your head on to a canvas is to, well — get a boatload of canvases. But that’s pretty much how the vast majority of our minds work, unlike these guys, who have been working for ten straight years to recreate Middle-Earth on a single piece of parchment.

No, I didn’t stutter. It really has taken this devoted team an entire decade to recreate every nook and cranny of Tolkien’s enormous fantasy world. And the best part is — it’s still not even finished. And yet, as it stands, it is still one of the most remarkable movie portrayals we’ve ever seen in all of Minecraft. Our only question for the tired devs, of course, is how it will look in, say, another ten years from now? Now there’s a thought.


4. Westeros


From the moment Game of Thrones punched its way into the hearts of the global population, Minecraft users left, right and centre all leapt at the opportunity to do one thing and one thing only: to create the whole continent of Westeros and duplicate all of its mythical charm. And while you could quite easily argue that doing such a thing would take decades to build — you’d actually be right. A decade, give or take, is exactly how long this one team has spent recreating the iconic region.

It’s unclear whether or not the Westeros of Minecraft is complete. However, with over 400 locations already open to explore and an entire community contributing towards its growth, it doesn’t really need much more in order to get our attention. Truth be told, I think it accomplished that back in 2012 when the first village was erected. Everything else that has been planted since then has been nothing but shiny cherries on an already frosted marvel of a cake.


3. Azeroth

Crafting Azeroth

Building the whole of World of Warcraft’s Azeroth is perhaps one of the most ambitious ideas to date. With thousands of diverse locations and textures, it’s clear that any creative with a hunger to recreate it would ultimately crash and burn in a boatload of bricks as a result. But alas, one community has hit the ground running, using a collection of tools to help shape the iconic land under Blizzard’s own design.

Boasting over 500 square kilometres in range and a mouth-watering 1 billion blocks to boot, Azeroth cracks the apex as one of the best Minecraft builds to ever grace the system. It’s artistically on point, as well as a genuine sight to behold as one of the most recognisable MMO worlds of all time. It’s ambitious, sure — but it is an admirable feat to watch weave together. So, kudos for that.


2. Toxic Factory

Toxic Factory

I’m not entirely what it is about this dystopian, almost cyberpunk-like world that gives it that extra oomph — but it certainly is captivating. Perhaps it’s the ominosity that looms in the shadows of the settlement, or maybe just the smooth blend of sour greens and ultraviolet textures that scream from the scattered windows of the complex. Whatever it is — it’s beautiful, and definitely somewhere we’d be up for visiting from dusk ’til dawn.

Again, we’re not entirely sure if this eerie build is in its final phases of development or just straight up finalized. Either way, the current state of the town is a sight to behold, and definitely something we’d happily spend a few hours tiptoeing quietly around. All that’s left to implement is the notorious Herobrine and you’ve got yourself a perfect setting for a Minecraft horror flick. Hint, hint.


1. HermitCraft


YouTubers have been throwing down the gauntlet for years now, eager to claim the throne as best Minecraft streamer on the net. And although the podium has seen its fair share of roster swaps since 2011, one player has actually managed to maintain a foothold since day one, with a team of talented folks that have been contributing towards the server that is HermitCraft since its debut.

With a total of seven vanilla worlds and an eighth in the process of being built, HermitCraft stands out as a staple on the Minecraft platform. Collectively, over 7 million streamers have meshed together to forge the loyal community that helps keep the HermitCraft axis erected. All in all, it’s one of the most recognisable networks in the game, as well as on YouTube and several other video streaming sites. And so, for that reason alone, we just have to give this team the gold.


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