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5 Best iOS Games (May 2022)



iOS doesn't receive the same tender loving care as its Android rival—and it shows. Though, thanks to Apple Arcade, many will argue that the iPhone market is on the incline and that it is only a matter of time until it surpasses its rivals in mobile gaming. A matter of opinion, of course, but we can't overlook the rising star that is the iOS platform, as it does, quite honestly, house a number of quality games.

Handheld gaming is bigger than ever, and it is often seen as a go-to platform by newcomers and seasoned pros alike. The iOS, although not as grand as Android, has plenty to contribute to such a kingdom, and its treasures bleed through a number of convenient devices that go far beyond the iPhone. But let's take a look at May. Specifically, the best iOS games on the current market that are available on both iPhone and iPad.

5. GT Manager

GT Manager - Launch Trailer

If you've always fancied yourself as the dominant mind behind an award-winning race team, then perhaps it's time to cast fantasy onto glass. Thanks to GT Manager, you too can get behind a crew of your own making and take it to new and aspiring heights out on the circuit. And, with the added multiplayer functionality, you can even test your mettle with the online frontrunners.

GT Manager is far more than a bog-standard racing game with a number of flavorless tracks. It's a city building game which lets you create a headquarters worthy enough to house a next-level crew. It's a treasure trove of official vehicles for you to unlock and accrue as you progress through the ranks. And that's more or less a couple of cherries on an already fat-riddled tiered cake. The rest, well, you'll have to experience for yourself over on the App Store.


4. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour - Trailer

Mario Kart Tour is right up there with its award-winning predecessors, sitting pretty as the fourteenth instalment in the highly acclaimed karting saga. Unlike its former selves, Tour takes its contestants to prominent cities around the globe, excluding the bulk of the Mushroom Kingdom tracks and subsidiaries.

Available on Android and iOS, the much loved racing entry opens the doors to another collection of courses and characters, all of which can be completed in its signature multiplayer mode. From New York to Amsterdam, London to Sydney, the handheld chapter ports its classic style and unmatched qualities to a whole new device, giving families more than enough reasons to carry over the rivalry between Switch bouts.


3. Total War: Medieval 2

Medieval II Total War - Official Release Trailer HD

When envisioning the complexity of the control system that Total War employs, it does make us question exactly how such a thing would work on smaller devices. Though, to our utmost surprise, it bodes incredibly well with the iPhone and iPad interface, and actually performs rather well considering the number of features the Medieval chapter boasts in total.

Like chapters that have come before it, Total War: Medieval 2 has you controlling a kingdom, one which must engage in battles and diplomatic missions in order to thrive and flourish. All of this is represented remarkably well on such a small canvas, and it rarely lacks in depth even during the most hectic portions. A real-time strategy pawn you'll want to check out, for sure.


2. FarmVille 3

Welcome Home - FarmVille 3 Reveal Trailer

FarmVille once stood at the apex of social media gaming, raking in millions of daily players to partake in its family-friendly construction simulation experience. The third instalment in the FarmVille chain is no different, and carries the torch remarkably well into the a whole new generation of iOS devices. The only real difference is, well, FarmVille 3 has a timeless feel to it.

If you've ever wanted to experience life as a farmhand, then be sure to bury some hours into this engrossing life simulation game. Plant and grow crops, expand your farm plot, connect with local trades, and develop a revolutionary kingdom that others would be more than happy to visit. Basically everything you did the last two times—only with more creative control and freedom.


1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty®:Mobile - Cinematic Trailer

For years, mobile game developers have been trying to push the boat out far enough to trickle the same waters as its console rivals, though only few have managed to make a worthy ripple. Call of Duty: Mobile, of course, being one of them. And that honestly doesn't come as a major surprise for most, as its prominence was already set in stone long before iOS and Android bagged a spot with it.

Call of Duty: Mobile holds up surprisingly well given its smaller platform and lack of space for key features. Comprised of a multiplayer front with signature modes such as Undead Siege and the classic Team Deathmatch, the mobile port stands its ground as a worthy accessory in the beloved first-person shooter series.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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