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5 Best Indie Games on PlayStation Plus (September 2022)

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Indie development often offers titles that, despite not having the backing of major gaming companies has plenty of heart. PlayStation has included a number of fantastic indie titles into its roster of games available for PlayStation Plus. Ranging in their genre and scope, these games show that the indie gaming scene can provide just as much, if not more, depth than its corporate counterpart. Below are what we believe to be the 5 Best Indie Games on PlayStation Plus as of September 2022.


5. Outer Wilds

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Outer Wilds is a brilliant game revolving around a rather complex mystery that can be played in September 2022. With the player being trapped in a loop of time as they attempt to discover more about how their situation came to be. Players will interact with ancient artifacts from long lost civilizations to achieve this goal. The player quickly finds themselves trying to solve the mystery of how to perhaps save themselves. If players have the misfortune of dying either through falling or drowning, for example, the time loop resets.

Outer Wilds offers a changing world that is prone to moving with each run-through of the time loop. This allows for replays of the loop to be intriguing and not feel the same. Players can search for resources and take note of landmarks to keep track of where they have and haven't been across time loops as well. Along with this, however, certain puzzles that the player undertakes are only available for certain windows of time. There is no better time than now, with the game being available for PlayStation Plus members more people can enjoy this mysterious enthralling title.


4. Bugsnax

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Bugsnax is an adorable creature capture game that is available for PlayStation Plus members. The adventure game was created and published by Young Horses. Its theme song was composed by Kero Kero Bonito, a British Indie Pop band. With a wide array of Bugsnax to capture as much as 100 at the beginning of the game as of its launch. Players will scan and learn the different types of creatures to capture. This can be done with or without luring the creatures, although luring is recommended.

Players will use the SnaxScope, a scope that allows players to see the different tastes and habits of each creature. Tools are also handy in the hunt for these creatures as well. Whether it is a tool to lure the creature to a certain area for capture or to incapacitate them. The game featured a free update as of April 2022 that allowed for 12 more Bugsnax to be captured. Altogether Bugsnax is a fun adventure game that players who have PlayStation Plus should no doubt enjoy.


3. My Time at Portia

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My Time at Portia is a love letter to games such as Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley that is available in September 2022. More of a crafting game as opposed to a farming sim My Time at Portia allows for the player to create a farm in which they can purchase various pieces of equipment. This equipment consists of manufacturing equipment as well as thing to increase the productivity of the players home. Developed by Pathea Games and Published by Team 17, the game offers many ways to enjoy its world and experience.

Allowing players to run through dungeon-like mines for resources as well as tending to their farm allows for players to do more in their downtime in between gathering items and crops. Players seeking more so to change the world around them can find that if they are able to undertake the tasks of gathering resources for larger community-based projects, they will affect the game world around them. Being available on PlayStation Plus allows players who might not have been able to enjoy this indie title to do so without having to break the bank.


2. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is an absolute marvel of a game. An homage to Metroid Vania games, in which it derives its gameplay style and combat. Hollow Knight is a treasure that should not be missed by anyone. Whether it be creeping through the beautifully crafted levels of the game. Or interacting with its myriad of interesting characters its simply a joy. While the difficulty of the game may cause an initial barrier to entry those willing to put in the work to enjoy this title will find it rich and rewarding to do so.

Developed and published by Team Cherry the game is drawn in a beautifully gothic art style. That manages to retain a bit of its cartoony nature as well. The levels of the game are revisited many times throughout the game. So each one has to make an impression which is certainly does. Accompanying the player's journey through this bleek but beautiful world is an astonishingly atmospheric soundtrack. That has received much critical acclaim in its own right. All in all Hollow Knight is a game that all players with PlayStation Plus should enjoy and be in awe of.


1. Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a game that while simple in concept, allows for hours and hours of content and fun to be had and can be played in September 2022. While simple in concept the game has a surprising amount of depth. That can be enjoyed if players put the time into it. The game is developed and published by Monomi Park. Slime Rancher takes place lightyears away, where the player chooses to rough it and wrangle slimes for a living. With the goal of becoming rich and seeing green in every slime they come across, players will try and make the most successful Slime Ranch they can.

Ranching these Slimes, however, requires a lot of tending by the player as there are a variety of Slimes, each with their own quirks and certain ways of living the player must accommodate. For example, if a Slime is fed different foodstuffs and they will spawn different Plorts. Plorts are Slime droppings that can be sold for a variety of prices depending on their rarity. With the task of accumulating as many Slimes to create rare Plorts. Therefore, to make more money Slime Rancher is a wonderful game to enjoy. Enjoying Slime Rancher is now significantly easier with it being a part of the PlayStation Plus service.

So, what do you think of these 5  best indie games on PlayStation Plus in September 2022? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.  

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