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5 Best Games on PC (August 2022)

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Games on PC

A new month means a new gaming adventure to explore. As the year turns eight, we must admit there are exciting games that keep pc-gamers glued to their screens. With a series of games already announced for launch in 2023, the gamer’s thirst may just be quenched. 

So far, 2022 looks good for PC gamers, with action-packed adventures like Dying Light 2, Rogue Legacy 2, and F1 22 delivering an exciting, interactive, and simulative experience. The best part is that the gaming industry still has more in store as experts predict the industry’s growth and bloom. So, are you looking for a new thrill? Hold on to your gaming chair as we dive into the best new games of August 2022.


5. Rumbleverse

Rumbleverse | Official Gameplay Trailer

Are you ready to rumble? It may sound cliche, but not for this battle royale-Irish whips, elbow drops, and body slams PC game. Developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Epic Games Publishing, the game will soon be gracing your screens this August. 

The game’s visuals feature a third-person perspective with a melee combat gameplay similar to Fortnite. The game starts with 40 characters deployed from a craft to the Grapital City. No character is equipped with a weapon. The game mode is to use special skills to take down your opponent. Players can collect magazines while exploring the terrain, which unlocks new takedowns and abilities. 

The treasure trove also includes potions that can boost the player’s strength, health, and stamina. You can also collect weapons such as chairs or baseball bats to swing at your opponent. Like in every battle royale game, you must stay within the game zone. You get disqualified if the time runs out and you’re out of the zone. The game’s set release date is August 11, 2022.


4. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - Official 4K PS5 Trailer

Witness your favorite Marvel character in action and swing through the New York skyscrapers while you fight crime. The Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered game for PC puts you at the center of the action as Spiderman. The coreplay of the game is similar to its predecessor, Spider-Man: Miles Morales. 

Spiderman takes on missions in the fictional Manhattan world, including taking down some of the iconic villains in the Marvel domain. The game’s visuals also feature a stunning upgrade and a framerate boost. The game also takes a wild turn with an upgrade to Peter Parker’s face, which showcases a significant upgrade in facial animations.

Players get to re-experience Insomniac’s remastered gameplay in this new series and take on the two different lives of Peter Parker. The game is set to be released on August 12, 2022.


3. Saint Row

SAINTS ROW Official Announce Trailer

A reboot to the popular Saints Row series, Volition and Deep Silver have an exciting crime and action-filled game coming this August. The game’s storyline is a replay of Stillwater City’s iconic story, but with a twist-it’s now set in Santo Ileso. The town borrows most of its geography from Las Vegas, Nevada. The city has nine districts under the control of three brutal gangs. Each district features a unique theme and feel. 

The player progresses through the game after gaining control of each district. To achieve this, each player has to form a gang and set up a legitimate business to finance it. The player gets three character friends who are each part of one of the three gangs. The four then merge to create a new gang that seeks to outcompete the opposing gangs. The game features additional upgrades, such as gender inclusion. According to Volition, the game includes “the most extensive character creation mode” witnessed in a Saints Row game.

The gameplay terrain has various empty lots which players can use to set up their businesses or use as attack bases. You can choose what business to set up as front and what illegal activity you’ll run behind the curtains. Volition has added humor into the gameplay – a Grand Theft Auto type of comedy for a more entertaining appeal. The game is expected to launch on August 23, 2022.


2. F1 Manager

F1® Manager 2022 | Announcement Trailer

If you are an F1 fanatic, you probably understand the pressure and tough decisions managers make in the motorsport legacy. Frontier Development’s F1 Manager gives you a front-line seat to the action with the F1 Manager. The game puts you in the shoes of Christian Horner or Toto Wolff by managing your F1 team for the entire season, but with a better advantage-pausing time. A combination of wit and car mechanics can keep you in the game long enough before you need to make a pit stop. You also need to decide how to manage your world-class staff and develop various mods for your vehicle.

At the start, players get to choose the team they wish to manage. It would be best if you put careful thought into this because the game doesn’t allow you to switch teams. The game will launch on August 30, 2022. On the track, the F1 Manager gives you a more technical task of using various strategies to give your team a winning advantage. This will involve controlling the pace, choosing the best tire compound, and ERS deployment. Each game round features a grip analysis of circuits, which players can use to strategize on tire stints. The pause option gives you time to work through your strategy and test it on track.


1. Destroy All Humans! 2: Reporobed

Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed - Official Gameplay Trailer

An exciting sequel to Destroy All Humans! This action-filled game developed by Pandemic Studios and published by THQ gives players the role of an avenging alien. The alien known as Crypto ascends to earth and poses as the President of the United States. Crypto’s cover is soon blown after KGB intelligence identifies him as a Furon, and they soon destroy his mother ship.

The attack on the mothership marks the beginning of Crypto’s adventure. The player has to outwit the KGB before they expose his plans. In Destroy All Humans! 2, Crypto can travel to Bay City, Albion, Tunguska, and Solaris, the Soviet Moon base. The game also features an upgrade where Crypto can use new bodies as a disguise. 

The player can also unlock new weapons by finding data cores from the alien mothership released before its destruction. The game gives players a feel of the UFO world with three player modes, co-op multiplayer, story mode, and free roam. You can also play minigames such as Duel and PK Tennis. According to THQ Nordic, the game will be released on August 30, 2022.

So there you have it. Do you agree with our list or do you have other PC games that should grace our list. Let us know in the comments below or head on over to our socials.


Evans I. Karanja is a freelance writer who loves to write about anything technology. He is always on the lookout for interesting topics, and enjoys writing about video games, cryptocurrency and blockchain and more. When not writing, he can be found playing video games or watching F1.