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5 Best Games Like Park Beyond (2022)

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Park Beyond is a park management simulator that gels maximum thrills with endless possibilities. As an owner and connoisseur of all things rollercoaster-based, you must fuse your talents with a blank canvas to make it the magnum opus of theme parks, built on joyous notes and everlasting memories. And that's just reading between the lines, as the experience as a whole contains far more than what meets the eye.

Of course, park management games aren't a new thing, and they've been making their rounds for a fair few decades now. Rollercoaster parks, being the most popular of the genre, have carved quite a chunk out of the genre since its gradual rise to stardom way back when. That's why Park Beyond snaps into place without issue; it's an experience that meshes all the elements of popular park management games into one enormous story. Games that ring a few of the same bells, of course, are as follows.

5. Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster: Console Edition | Launch Trailer

To this very day, Planet Coaster boasts the most extensive palette of customizable components and tools on the market, made even more impressive by its wide selection of themed expansion packs. Like Park Beyond, the idea is to erect a thrill-based marvel, complete with an award-winning variety of slideshows, rides, and cosmetics.

Think of Park Beyond as a spiritual successor to Bullfrog Productions' Theme Park World, only with quadruple the amount of customization and pathways to follow. But to make it more time appropriate, let's argue the fact that it sits on par with Park Beyond, as the two boast an admirable share of fleshed out gameplay features and family-friendly novelties. To put it short, both are perfectly capable of robbing your Sunday afternoon.


4. Thrillville

We've been asking for a reboot of Thrillville for the best part of a decade now. Much to our surprise, Frontier Developments hasn't made the call to rekindle its wick. Though, being the minds behind Planet Coaster also, it does seem abundantly clear that the latter was favored over the beloved PlayStation 2 classic. Nevertheless, it was timeless, and perhaps one of the best park management games of its console era.

While you could very well get your kicks from Planet Coaster, there's a case of nostalgia that you won't find anywhere other than in Thrillville. It's an entry-level hit that sees you creating a character and carrying out the responsibilities of a theme park manager, similar to that of both Park Beyond and Planet Coaster. The only major difference is, well—it's far less complex, and takes pride in its beginner-friendly interface and setting.


3. Parkitect

Parkitect KS Trailer

On one hand, you'll lose a smidgen of the quirky features that give Park Beyond that loveable edge. But on the other, you'll receive a treasure trove of in-depth research and tools, all of which can be used to construct and maintain a next-level park with limitless innovations. That's Parkitect, in a nutshell, and it doesn't waste any time trying to be something it's not, which is dull and chock-full of unnecessarily long tutorials.

Many will happily argue that Parkitect is, all things considered, a far better version of Rollercoaster Tycoon, a series which found fame way back in the nineties. And we can see why, as it possesses all of the same ingredients, right down to the candy-popping visuals. And so, for those who spent long weekends slouched over a monitor with RollerCoaster Tycoon, this venture will definitely feel like a home away from home.


2. Screamride

Screamride Announce Trailer

Screamride had a lot to live up to, as the years before its release were littered with quality park management games, including but not limited to the aforementioned Thrillville saga. But alas, it wound up surpassing the expectations of the vast majority of gamers, giving it that well-earned spot up on the food chain.

Unlike its rivals, Screamride opts for bigger, crazier, and gnarlier track rides. That means users can build parks that posses the power to destroy and wreak havoc without consequences. You may not be able to build a fancy gift outlet with matching gizmo vendors, but you will have the tools to create the most death-defying attractions on the planet. That alone makes it worth the ticket price, for sure.


1. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition Launch Trailer

Frontier Developments know how to suit and boot a theme park management game and give it all the bells and whistles to compliment it. This has been proven time and time again through a number of best-selling titles, many of which pay respects to one of the founding fathers of the genre, RollerCoaster Tycoon. That said, the series' one and only frontrunner is Tycoon 3, specifically the Complete Edition, which includes the Wild! and Soaked! expansions on top of the base game.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 has you running the ins and outs of an up-and-coming theme park, giving you complete control over the finances, staff, and curriculum. Outside of paperwork, you'll have to devise new ways to attract guests by drawing up fresh coasters and slideshows. Failing that, then you can load up a whole bunch of mods and turn the whole park into a haven for the hectic. Whatever it is you're after, this Frontier flagship will be sure to check the boxes and have you pouring hours into its platform.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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