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5 Best Free-to-Play Games on PlayStation 5 (October 2022)



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The PlayStation 5 is a console with a ton of free-to-play titles. While these titles may be free that does not do the quality within them justice. Ranging in their scope and scale these games can be absolute juggernauts in your game library. Whether it is an adventure game that you enjoy, or a fast-paced FPS these games have you covered. Below are our picks that we hope you enjoy for the 5 best free-to-play games on PlayStation 5 (October 2022).

5. Destiny 2Bundie Seeking $7.6m From Destiny YouTuber Over Fake DMCA Takedowns


Serving as a Bungie tour de force the Destiny series is absolutely marvelous. Its latest iteration Destiny 2 has garnered a lot of attention as well as player retention from implementing a free-to-play model. This ensures that the game will have a very healthy player base as it lowers the barrier to entry by removing a paywall. This ensures that many players will be able to invite their friends to play rather easily. Players that want to play with their friends regardless of the platform will find that it is relatively easy to do so. This encourages a more healthy community and allows players to move more freely in the game's world.

Destiny 2 has a plethora of weapons and skins to earn and unlock. This can be done either by progressing the game's story and unlocking various missions or by raiding. The raids in Destiny 2 are an absolute marvel to behold. Destiny 2 is a game that has smooth gameplay regardless of which class you decide to pick. Bungie makes sure that each playstyle is accommodated through the game's class system. Destiny 2 is a game that can be enjoyed by all regardless of skill level. It is for this reason that Destiny 2 is one of our picks for 5 best free-to-play games for PlayStation 5 in October 2022.

4. Warframe


Warframe is a fantastic free-to-play title. The player takes on the role of one of the Tenno, an ancient race that has been revitalized to save their world. The gameplay within Warframe is absolutely stellar. Featuring a smooth and fluid combat style players weave in and out of procedurally generated levels with grace. The Tenno are tasked with trying to find out their history as well as save planets when they can. The main draw of Warframe however, is the cosmetics within the game. Dubbed Frames collecting these pieces of armor either for aesthetic or function.

Warframe is a game that can be enjoyed by any type of player. With a range of playstyles and weapons being viable. Whether you are someone who wants to play the game casually or get more in-depth with your play sessions, Warframe will accommodate you. It is both its ease of access as well as stellar gameplay that implores us to place it on our list of 5 best free-to-play games for the PlayStation 5 in October 2022.

3. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a game that any player can pick up and enjoy. This is not to say the game does not have a resounding depth for a free-to-play title. The Battle Royale-inspired game sees the player playing in teams of three. With each of the game's memorable characters having their own quirks and abilities Apex Legends  certainly has style. Players are able to weave together abilities with their teammates to great effect. Ranging from tanky characters to healers and rushers there are many ways to play Apex Legends.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends took the competitive FPS scene by storm when it was released. Now being on PlayStation 5 the gameplay will only get smoother for players. Apex Legends is a testament to how solid gameplay can carry a game quite far. This is not to say that Respawn has rested on their laurels, however, as they implemented a new game mode that allows for a variety for the players. This mode is cycled throughout the game's lifetime. All in all Apex Legends is one of the 5 best free-to-play games for the PlayStation 5 in October 2022.

2. Call of Duty: Warzone


Call of Duty: Warzone is a game that has taken the industry by storm. Initially released a year following the release of Modern Warfare (2019) Warzone became immensely popular. Featuring maps and locations from the Call of Duty series Warzone is a marvel to behold. Fans of the franchise will no doubt enjoy the callbacks placed around these maps as well as the extremely solid gameplay. The gameplay loop in this title can be absolutely addicting. With players scrounging for kills and loot as the map shrinks around them.

Call of Duty: Warzone features gameplay that is very deliberate and fast-paced. With many players' armor being shredded rather quickly. This encourages players to work together to accomplish the common goal of winning the match. Being caught out in the open in these situations is extremely detrimental to one's in-game life. With a very healthy pro scene Call of Duty: Warzone has garnered a lot of attention from FPS fans. It is for this reason as well as many more that we consider Warzone one of the 5 best free-to-play games for the PlayStation 5 in October of 2022.

1. Splitgate


Splitgate is a game that brings us back to the arena shooters of yesteryear. Featuring gameplay reminiscent of titles like the Halo series or even Unreal Tournament, Splitgate is a phenomenal love letter to players who enjoy this genre. The free-to-play title is very easily accessed and comes with a host of cosmetics and weapons to use. Rather than the twitch-focused gameplay of games like Call of Duty, Splitgate sets itself apart by having a more grounded combat style. More similar to games such as Halo the game has even been described as Halo with portals.

This is not even a diminutive take, however, as it shows what makes Splitgate special. Namely the solid and smooth core gameplay that keeps players returning for round after round. Easily picked up yet hard to master, the game is a testament to what can be done in a free-to-play title. It is for this reason as well as a myriad of others that we choose Splitgate as one of the 5 best free-to-play games for the PlayStation 5 in October of 2022.   `


So, what do you think of these 5 Best Free-to-Play Games for the PlayStation 5 (October 2022)? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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