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5 Best Elden Ring Mods (July 2022)



If you've had enough of Elden Ring's extremely difficult gameplay, it might be time to consider Mods. Additionally, if there is a feature that you just do not agree with, such as the inability to pause the game, it may be worthwhile to install a mod to improve your experience. Regardless of your reasoning, modding has been a huge aspect for gamers since FromSoftwares earliest ARPG titles. The case is no different for Elden Ring, in fact, it's far more understandable. That's exactly why we'd like to look at the five best mods for Elden Ring in this list.

As of right now, these Elden Ring mods appear to be the most popular among gamers. Evidently, the majority of them are working to make the game more playable and, as a result, more enjoyable. Because, as you may know, Elden Ring can be a controller-breaking experience. And, as one of the highest-rated games of all time, you don't want your experience to be hampered by the game's extremely high standards. So, if that's you, find relief in the best Elden Ring mods available right now.


5. Easy Mode for Elden Ring

To begin, the mod that most players have been grabbing is the Easy Mode for Elden Ring. There are three versions of this mod to choose from, so you can find one that best fits the difficulty you're aiming for. The best part is that they have no effect on the gameplay or content, merely just leveling the playing field. For example, the standard one reduces intake damage by 50%, increases attack damage by 25%, doubles player hit radius, and Crimson/Cerulean Tears. If you're just looking to best your chances in battle, the standard one will do the trick.

However, if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty, you can do the “Personal Edit” version. This further lets you choose to boost Runes, remove weight mechanics, and FP cost for magic and skills. This is a very viable option because it can be a drag grinding to get your build just right. Furthermore, due to weight restrictions and class/item compatibility, it can be difficult to achieve your desired build within the guidelines; by removing them, you have complete freedom to carry and equip yourself as you see fit.



4. Pause the Game Mod

One of the most aggravating aspects of Elden Ring is the inability to pause the game. Whether you need an item quickly to survive or simply need to use the restroom while in an area, your player is always vulnerable, even when in the settings or while looking at your inventory. Your only saving grace is quite literally a Grace Site, which can come scarcely – especially when you need it the most. That's why it's worthwhile to get the Pause the Game mod.

Essentially, the Pause the Game mod makes it so anytime you open your inventory or the settings, you're surroundings, like NPCs, will also pause. Giving you the chance to go do whatever it is you have to do at a moment's notice. It's one of the oldest tales of gaming, you're right in the heart of it and suddenly life designs to ring you up. We get it, which is why the Pause the Game mod is a lifesaver for just about anyone. Furthermore, it allows you to take a deep breath between stages, something we've long wished for in these games.



3. Disable Rune Loss on Death Mod

Best Elden Ring Mods

A notable aspect that makes Elden Ring a controller-breaking experience is losing your Ruins. Since Ruins are required to level up and progress, it can be devastating when you die and can't recover them. To be honest, not being able to cash in on your actual progress is really a cruel thought to implement into the game. Regardless, it means that your progression in Elden Ring solely relies on your ability to survive.

Some gamers, however, do not see this as a justifiable feature, and to an extent, we agree. That's why to counter it we suggest the Disable Rune Loss on Death mod. The concept is quite simple, even when you die, you get to keep the Ruins you have saved up, so next Grace Site you can adequately level your character. This is also a huge counter to an issue we run into in every FromSoftware game – mindlessly farming ruins to get our characters to the same progress we're at with the story.



2. Extended Field of View Mod

Best Elden Ring Mods

If you've blamed your death in Elden Ring on the camera angle, we believe you. Elden Rings camera at times can be janky and sometimes result in your death. Simply because the enemy lock doesn't always pair with your angle of attack, or doesn't give you an angle on an area you're about to step into, or an enemy coming to finish you. Add it to the list of aggravating Elden Ring features. However, you can improve this with the Extended Field of View mod.

This mod effectively moves back the camera angle, increasing your field of view (FOV). This gives a much wider view of your peripherals and also behind you. Which could give you just enough time to make a quick reaction or pull a 180 on an undead looking to backstab you.



1. Unlocked Unique Skills Mod

Best Elden Ring Mods

One thing you've probably discovered by now that is a major letdown is that not all Ashes of War and weapons seamlessly work with one another. Most evidently with some of the best weapons, like the ones you get from defeating a boss. If you've learned this the hard way, you've probably had to reconsider part of your character and weapon build. While there is reasoning behind this, it does limit the creativity when it comes to composing your build. Especially for players who build as they go. That's why you might want to consider equipping the Unlocked Unique Skills mod.

One of the best and most recent mods for Elden Ring, it effectively lets you equip all unique skills into Ashes of War, letting you apply it to any weapon. This extremely opens up the variety of your build and the weapons you'll be playing with. Sometimes you like a weapon for its style and attacks, but it's not a viable option late game. With this mod, you can make any weapon you want into an effective Elden Lord killing machine.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other best Elden Ring Mods that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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