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5 Best Drama Games on Android & iOS (2022)

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5 Best Drama Games on Android & iOS (2022)

As much as we would like to view gaming as a relaxing experience, we just have to admit how tension-filled and stressful some genres can be. This is often the case with survival action-adventure games, but with drama games, you can finally take a breather. Most of them are story-driven and do not require the quick reaction moves that often get us heated up with other games. 

If you are looking for a new way to spice up your drama class? Check out our list of the five drama games on Android and iOS! These games are perfect for students of all ages, and they’re a great way to teach important skills like cooperation and communication. So, whether you're looking for something intense and challenging or something lighthearted and funny, we've got you covered. So pull out your phone or tablet and get ready to be entertained!


5. Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village

Let's start with something a bit more thrilling. Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village, a mystery horror game based on Chinese folklore. It's part of the Paper Bride game series that bases its story on Zangling Village, a place surrounded by bizarre, haunting events. In Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village, you are required to explore an odd village in search of answers to uncover the secrets surrounding its origin. 

According to its developer, HeartBeat Plus, this latest installment of the game franchise is improved with added features. From the graphics to the story design, the game features even more engaging dialogue and clues. Making Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village even more appealing to new players. One of the best parts about the game is the music featured and the background soundtracks, which is a vital aspect of any thriller game.


4. Oxenfree


Next to Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village, we have Oxenfree, a Night School production that is a must-play for any drama game fan. The game incorporates a fine blend of drama and thriller that kind of resembles the earliest version of the TV series “Stranger Things.” Here, you slip into the shoes of a teenage girl through a mind-boggling supernatural adventure. All the fun takes place on an island where you visit with a group of friends. Where you will experience supernatural mysteries as you try to solve them with the help of friends.

The gameplay incorporates a walk-and-talk design rather than cut-scenes, which allows you to engage in dialogue while on the move. Remember, choices you make can also impact the relationship between you and the rest of the characters in the game. This, in turn, affects the various possible endings of the game. It's a simple but interesting game to play, especially if you enjoy supernatural drama series.


3. Memory Shards

Memory Shards Trailer

Memory Shards is a story-driven mobile drama game that takes you into another game in an attempt to recover the protagonist's lost memories. In this visual novel, you take the role of Jake, a man stranded in a confusing past. He must unravel his past by playing a classic JRPG from his childhood. To help him further analyze his personality and understand who he is, you must go through the gameplay in this old JRPG. Discover more about Jake by playing sections of the game where you can find certain memory cards that belong to the characters in the game. 

As you load the memory cards, you can unlock certain aspects of Jake's personality. Memory Shards may just be one of the shortest games on this list, but it is also one of the best mobile drama games. The gameplay is straightforward, and the narrative harbors emotional elements to some degree. Its intriguing soundtrack and impressive graphics are just some of the few aspects that make the game a good addition to the list and one of the best drama games on Android and iOS.


2. Isoland: The Amusement Park

ISOLAND: The Amusement Park

From game developer CottonGame comes a point-and-click adventure game dubbed Isoland: The Amusement Park. This is the fourth entry in the Isoland series that features the same classic art style as its predecessors. The Amusement Park will have you travel back in time to solve puzzles and unravel secrets about the island where the park in question is located. The game can be tricky. You may find yourself stuck at certain points, but regardless, you must think of possible solutions that can help you move forward. Besides, the game throws plenty of hints at your disposal.

There are over 20 rooms to explore in The Amusement Park, all of which contain a number of clues in the wall art. It is up to you to spot them and use the text to help steer you in the right direction. Once you complete your first run, you will be craving more challenges, which the game will continue to serve as there are plenty of unique puzzles throughout. Although it gets much tougher as you progress, the puzzles are still doable. Isoland: The Amusement Park is a fun game that any point-and-click fan can appreciate. 


1. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers


Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is a classic thriller from 1993 that has been redesigned for PC, Android, and iOS. The game takes place in a world ravaged by supernatural forces. However, both good and evil are dealt with harshly if they pose a threat to human life. The game features real-life locations such as New Orleans. It also features a blend of both fictional and real aspects of history surrounding the United States' Louisiana. Similarly, there are special people who specialize in fighting these supernatural forces; and that's where you come in. 

You play a New Orleans novelist who also owns a bookstore in the city. The struggle for more content for your new book drives you to investigate a series of rampant killings across the city known as the “Voodoo Murders.” With the help of other characters in the game, you can uncover the mystery behind the ongoing killings. Your goal – bring the culprit to justice. The police assume the murders are gang-based; could they be wrong? Uncover the real killer, who is certain to be a user of voodoo magic. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is not only one of the most exciting games on the list, but also one of the best drama games on Android and iOS today.


Which one of the video games above do you think is the best drama game on Android and iOS in 2022? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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