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5 Best Clicker Games That Will Keep Your Thumbs Working Overtime




Are you waiting on that next big console release? Have you got plenty of time to kill before booting up the next epic adventure? Well, the good news is — you’re not alone. And what’s more, you’re more than likely in possession of a tool that’ll see your time through without requiring too much attention. And yes, we are talking about clicker games. You know, the sort of games that don’t need a great deal of skill in order to operate. A phone, a tablet perhaps, and a couple of itchy thumbs — but nothing more.

Clicker games have been around for quite some time now, with plenty of people still registering oceans of hours into tapping a screen just to fill the day. From building an empire of cookies to becoming the next bitcoin billionaire — idle hands really have gone on to create some truly awesome, albeit pointless things. But what are the best clicker games on the market? What games are honestly worth tapping a piece of glass six thousand times over? Well, here’s what we think.


5. Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clickers - New Trailer

True to its name, Cookie Clicker has you completing one task and one task only — and that’s clicking cookies, endlessly. That, funnily enough, is really all there is to it. At least for the most part, anyway. Between the limitless clicking, however, you’ll have to figure out how to reduce your time tapping and set up a pipeline of workers to do the job for you. Or in Cookie Clicker’s case — a roster of grandmas eager to generate revenue and oceans of chocolate chips for your back pocket.

Unfortunately, becoming a self-titled cookie God isn’t as simple as tapping a piece of glass a few times over. Of course, such a title can be claimed from doing such a trivial thing — though you’d be clawing your way for a pretty long time. And, with the game not really having an ending, you’d essentially be lining yourself up for a lifetime of meaningless tapping. Even still, Cookie Clicker is still considered to be one of the most addictive pioneers in the genre even in 2021. So there’s that.


4. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist iOS Trailer

It goes like this: you start with a lemonade stand, and you snowball your way from there, building up to a network of ventures that span the entire market. From banks to shrimp boats, pizzeria chains to donut shops, AdVenture will have you forging an empire where every click results in cold hard digitalized cash. And the best part is, as per the idle clicker formula — the revenue generates itself even when you’ve shut down your session. So, you can rest assured that the snowball won’t freeze over even when you’re away.

AdVenture Capitalist doesn’t do anything new, nor does it really tap into a niche that we haven’t seen a million times before. It does, however, provide some genuinely charming quirks that will keep you tapping through the weekend and beyond. But let’s face it — who doesn’t love a rags to riches story — especially when it evolves from something as simple as a few lemonade stands and a money-hungry entrepreneur? It’s simple, and that’s why we love it.


3. Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire Trailer

Ever envisioned yourself as a bitcoin billionaire? Well, now’s your chance to live the fantasy, thanks to the simplicity of the self-titled clicker game. At long last, you too can join in the fun and turn over a mouth-watering profit — without the actual chance of losing any real money in the process. All you really need to do (and you’ve probably already guessed it) — is click, click again — and then click some more.

Starting out as a bitcoin miner in a shabby apartment, your goal is to tap away on your pixelated keyboard and generate bitcoins. After enough bitcoins have been added to your pocket, you’re essentially free to invest in new ways to earn additional income, or even transform your pad into a luxurious empire. Or, you know, just buy a dog to reinforce those homey comforts. Whatever it is you decide to do, the only way you’ll reach the apex is to click to your heart’s content. But remember — billionaires don’t sprout overnight, so expect your thumbs to be working well into overtime before turning a profit.


2. Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder Release Trailer [Steam]

It’s time to assume the role of an all-powerful monarch, branded with the responsibility of erecting a prominent realm that either illuminates light or emits pure evil. Of course, being the one with the power, it’s entirely up to you which faction you decide to roll with, and how you plan to rule your kingdom with all the tools at your disposal. All you really need to do to get started, of course, is click. Do so, and you’ll soon have a domain worth fighting for.

Again, Realm Grinder doesn’t do anything new to the formula, though it does follow a rich structure that does tend to receive genuinely promising feedback. And, being a clicker game that does everything it says on the tin, we can’t really fault such an experience. It’s simple-minded fun, plain as daylight. And what’s more is that, luckily, it’s completely free to play on iOS, Android and Steam. So we can’t really complain.


1. Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes - Trailer

There comes a point in every clicker’s career where drumming fingers against a glass screen just doesn’t foot the bill. In a way, that’s why players soon start to branch out and test alternative waters, where gameplay goes beyond endlessly clicking for no reason whatsoever. And Clicker Heroes, despite its obvious title, is exactly the breath of fresh air users seek when the day-to-day becomes a little bogged down by lack of design and motive.

Fusing several layers of RPG elements into its core, Clicker Heroes combines all the ingredients you’d come to expect from an idle game with a series of well-known add-ons. Of course, tapping your way to victory is the aim of the game, and one you’ve definitely conquered several times before. However, between every tap lies a crossroads of some sort, with the option to employ new heroes, battle unique monsters, and seek new methods of filling your chalice with tremendous amounts of gold. So, while Clicker Heroes doesn’t reinvent the wheel or even come close to it — it does definitely shell out some hearty fun with plenty to keep you tapping through the weekend.


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