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2022 LCS Spring-Split All-Pro Team Announced



Just in time for the LCS playoffs, which begin tomorrow, the 2022 LCS Spring-Split All-Pro team has been announced. With that, the second and third All-Pro LCS League of Legends teams were also revealed. Not to anyone’s surprise, the first All-Pro team was entirely compiled of none other than C9 and Team Liquid players. To go along with it, Team Liquid’s entire starting roster was named across the three All-Pro teams for 2022.

According to LoL Esports, the Spring-Split 2022 All-Pro teams were voted “by the LCS broadcast team, third-party media, and the pro teams themselves”. The voting took place between March 27th and March 30th, following the completion of the 2022 LCS Spring Split, and a day later, here they are.


2022 LCS All-Pro Teams


There you have it, the official 2022 first All-Pro team for the LCS spring split. C9 Summit dominated all players with a total of 134 points. With 125 and 129 points, respectively, TL Bjergsen and TL CoreJJ were not far behind. TL Hans sama came in with 114 points, and lastly to make the cut was C9 Blaber with 109 points.

Below are also the second and third-team All-Pro teams. For LSC split rookies, FLY Toucille and C9 Berserker it was the first time they’ve been named to an LCS All-Pro Team.

2nd LCS All-Pro Team

Top – 100 Ssumday (70 Points)

Jungle – TL Santorin (78 Points)

Mid – FLY Toucouille (57 Points)

Bot – C9 Berserker (96 Points)

Support – 100 Huhi (40 Points)

3rd LCS All-Pro Team

Top – TL Bwipo (59 Points)

Jungle – 100 Closer (51 Points)

Mid – CR Fudge (39 Points)

Bot – 100 FBI (33 Points)

Support – EG Vulcan (39 Points)

Be sure to stay tuned to the LCS Twitter as the announcement for Coaching Staff of the Split gets announced on April 8th. Once all the dust settles, the 2022 LCS Most Valuable Player will also be announced on April 22nd.



The LCS Playoffs are slated to begin tomorrow, April 2nd, with the quarterfinals. Matchplay will begin at approximately 2:30 (MT) with a best of 5 series between C9 and 100 Thieves. After that match, the next showing will come a day later on April 3 with Evil Geniuses playing Team Liquid in their own Best of 5. It will be interesting to see whether C9 and Team Liquid can continue their All-Pro team success into the Playoffs.

You can catch all of the League of legends action on the LCS Twitch channel over the next couple of days.


So who do you thinks going to win LCS 2022? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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