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“171” Is Being Called The Brazilian “Grand Theft Auto”

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Set in the picturesque suburbs of São Paulo, Brazil, there is the upcoming action/adventure, “171” video game, heavily inspired by the popular “GTA” (Grand Theft Auto) series. That can be a good thing for “Grand Theft Auto” fans, falling in love with the open-world options to do nearly anything they want.

While you can probably think of “171” as the Brazil version of “GTA,” remind yourself that “171” was created by approximately 8 persevering people. With no current release date, “171” is confirmed to be on PC, PS4 (Playstation 4), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.


All “Grand Theft Auto” fans can get a “Grand Theft Auto” experience in Brazil, where the protagonist “Nicolau Souza” will encounter plenty of criminals to put a stop to. You can fight off criminals and by criminals, I really mean gangs. Any aggressive activities you perform brings attention, which can get the police to chase you. 

Originally, “171” was announced as a working progress back in 2015. With the knowledge that approximately 8 people in the “Betagames Group” created the modern gangster game, you can only wonder how much can you do?

171 - Trailer de anúncio para consoles do "GTA Brasileiro"

The same level of production quality won’t be demanded, but can you interact with many people? We know you can pick up objects, but are there any objects you cannot pick up? 

From the “171” gameplay, “” knows that you there is a complexed combat system, as well as areas where you can upgrade your customized vehicles and change your clothes. You can go on many missions, and shoot at speeding vehicles and helicopters, gaining a “5-Star Wanted Level” from the police. 

It is because Brazil is exotic and at times, the exotic can look like or remind the average person of anime, that “171” has a realistic effect, head to the right spot and you will see graffiti on the walls like you accidentally stepped on the wrong territory. That is what you have you car and ammunition for. If “171”has cheat codes available soon, you can only imagine how much better it will be.

“171” is slang in Brazil, which means to be a trickster or a criminal who deceives people. It is a reference to Article 171 of the Brazilian Code, meaning a crime of fraud. One of Brazil’s most well-known areas is the Favelas (which has small shanty-towns located in areas of large cities like Rio de Janiero). 

The Favelas is considered home to many of the misfortune in poverty, as well as a hideout for various criminal activities. The release date is rumored to be close, but other urban areas are going to be added, with optional exploration in vehicles and traveling on foot. 

Well, for “171,” there is currently a “Pré-Alpha” version on Steam. The video game provides you with a city full of life where pedestrians interact with each other and cars are constantly moving on the map. Playing the “Pré-Alpa” version can lead to bugs in the game, which can be hectic for just about anyone. 

When the developers have the polished copy of “171” available, then we are talking about some serious Brazilian action. There is one thing everyone freakishly did not mention that the “Grand Theft Auto” series has, which wasn’t mentioned that would be added in “171.” That would have to be the dates and by dates, I am pretty sure, you know what I mean. 

It would be extraordinarily interesting to see if there are any features that the “Grand Theft Auto Series” lack as well as observe how similar the gameplay is. If the hype of “171” indeed is the Brazilian “Grand Theft Auto,” an indefinitely large amount of “Twitch” streamers will tune in to watch on their computer, possibly while playing the game simultaneously.

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