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10 Upcoming Mobile Games to Look For in 2022



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Mobile games come in all shapes and sizes. You will find FPS, RPG, MMORPG, puzzle, adventure, and many more genres of games. Mobile gaming is attracting hordes of players. Owing to this growing player base, a lot of popular titles are getting a

There are countless mobile games on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. And there’s simply no way you can try them all. In fact, your mobile device can hold around three games at a time. So we made your game hunt easier.

From major console and PC games launching a mobile version to some fresh, promising titles, here are our top picks!

Top 10 Mobile Games Coming Out in 2022

Here are some of the biggest mobile games that are coming out in 2022.

10. Summoner’s War: Chronicles

A Sneak Peek of Summoners War: Chronicles

Summoner’s War: Chronicles, the upcoming mobile game, is another title in the Summoner’s War series. The game is set in before the events of Lost Centuria and Sky Arena. The MMORPG will let players choose up to three monsters and set out on an adventure. Each monster will have some special skills to help take down the baddies. Com2Us has planned to make Chronicles a blockchain game with a P2E model. We expect the game to roll out in 2022.


9. Cookie Run: Oven Smash

oven smash

After the overwhelming success of Cookie Run: Kingdom, Devsisters Corp is gearing up for more Cookie games. According to the news sources, Devsisters have plans for Cookie Run: Oven Smash, Cookie Run: The Witches’ Castle, and another untitled game.

From these games, we might be able to play Over Smash in 2022. The game is currently under development and is expected to release in the latter half of 2022. Oven Smash will be a multiplayer battle arena. The Cookies will have unique abilities which will give the game a strategic twist.


8. Hyper Front

hyper front

Over years, NetEase has given us some of the biggest games like LifeAfter, Rules of Survival, Creative Destruction, Knives Out, and many more. For 2022, NetEase has plans to release Hyper Front, a thrilling 5v5 multiplayer battle. The sci-fi FPS features heroes that have unique abilities.

You can choose from an elaborate array of weapons, and there will be multiple maps. You can play in multiple modes like PvP and Destroy. As they built the game on Unreal Engine 4, you can expect console-quality graphics.


7. Star Wars: Hunters

star wars hunters

Star Wars: Hunters is a new Star Wars game that brings together iconic characters into an arena for PvP battles. The events of the game are set after the Galatic Civil War and take place on the planet of Vespaara. Players can pick from a cast of powerful heroes and each of them has unique abilities.

There are bounty hunters, rebels, hunters, and many more interesting characters that are making it big in the Arena. Easy-to-use controls back the TPS 4v4 combat. You can customize your hero with costumes, weapons, and quirky animations.


6. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis - Official Teaser Trailer

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, another retake on the popular PS One game, is being developed by Square Enix. The RPG title will be a single-player game for Android and iOS. There were some rumors floating around that Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis might be launched for Nintendo Switch. However, the devs haven’t commented on this yet. The upcoming mobile remake will have the classic RPG-style battle just like the original.


5. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter Magic Awakened trailer

After Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was shut down, the world needed another Harry Potter-themed game. Thankfully, Warner Bros has come up with an exciting Card Collection and PvP game. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened lets players collect cards, attend classes at Hogwarts, learn spells, and duel against other wizards. Explore the Forbidden Forest, fight with monsters, and solve mysteries. Players can also play Quidditch, fly around on their broom, and also attend the Ball.


4. Diablo Immortal

diablo immortal mobile

Diablo Immortal is a part of the highly popular Diablo franchise. The upcoming mobile game takes place between the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. Players get into the fantasy realm of Sanctuary with the goal of retrieving the fragments of Worldstone. You can join other players and prevent the Lord of Terror from taking over the realm.

The MMORPG title lets you pick from four classes – Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard, and Barbarian. As you level up, your character gets more powerful. The easy and intuitive controls deliver the best combat experience on your phone. Diablo Immortal is expected to release in 2022.


3. DC Heroes & Villains

best upcoming mobile games 2022

Ludia Inc. describes DC Heroes & Villains as a “puzzle RPG” that has a collectible aspect to it. Players have to collect superheroes and supervillains and form teams. There’s Harley Quinn, Batman, Superman, and many more iconic DC stars to collect and form your team.

All heroes and villains have been stripped away of their powers. So, your goal is to create a powerful team to survive extinction. You can collect over 35 iconic characters and explore popular locations from the movies.


2. Battlefield Mobile

battlefield mobile

Shooter fanatics will know the Battlefield series all too well. The action-packed FPS is known for unpredictable battle situations, cool vehicles, team-based play, and the class-based formula. Players will get the same ‘Battlefield’ experience on mobile in a few months. There will be explosive ATVs and war tanks to add to the fun.

Players can pick from the four classes – Assault, Recon, Medic, and Support. You can battle on the land, sea, or air and even customize battles in the Sandbox. Battlefield Mobile lets you customize your soldier with weapons, skins, and gadgets. You are then ready to lead a team to victory! You can join a battalion or make your own clan.


1. Apex Legends Mobile

apex legends mobile

Apex Legends is already a popular game on PC and console. The game has already been ported to Nintendo Switch and now Respawn will be launching it on the mobile. In fact, the game had a soft launch in a few select regions last week. This means that a global launch is not too far away.

Apex Legends Mobile will have the same gameplay as its PC and console variants. However, there might be fewer maps, modes, and legends at the start. You will be dropped off along with 59 other players on a battlefield. It’s your squad against 19 other squads. All the legends have their unique abilities that will help you survive.


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