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10 Best Gaming Cosplay Ideas in 2022



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You can't deny that cosplay and gaming culture has merged. If you love doing cosplay or are wanting to get started, then choosing a game to pick a character from can be overwhelming. Whether you're making your own costume or looking to buy one, just narrowing down the options can be hard. You may even just be curious about what games are trendy in the cosplay community right now. The ten games below are some of the most popular games to pull cosplays from in 2022.

10. Bayonetta

bayonetta 3 release

With the upcoming Bayonetta 3, now is the time to find your inner Umbra Witch. Bayonetta is beautiful, and her outfits throughout the games are eye-catching. Whether you like gothic styles or strong female characters, this is an excellent gaming cosplay. The game series has also been out long enough that you can easily buy cosplays if the designs are to complex for you to make yourself. Just be sure you use a lot of bobby pins to hold all of your hair in place.


9. Apex Legends

The great thing about popular games with tons of heroes is that there's going to be a lot of cosplay. Apex Legends has dozens of characters to choose to play from. In the cosplay world, this means that you have a lot of different characters to work with. If you are going to a multi-day convention, you can cosplay several different heroes, and there's a high chance that you can group up with others who are cosplaying characters from the game. The community around this game is huge, so you are likely to even meet some friends who are willing to join your team.


8. Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the newest game on this list, but it has a good roster of characters. Like most Xenoblade games, the characters have distinct looks. Best of all, it's not to hard to recreate them as you won't have a lot of clunky armor to work around. Noah, the main protagonist, is especially easy to cosplay, and players can even try their hands at making his signature weapon. If you like one of the other characters like Mio more, then you can also easily make a comfortable cosplay.


7. NieR

The NieR series has come a long way, and if you go to a convention, you will likely see a 2B or 9S. As gaming cosplay goes, NieR is a popular pick as the costumes can easily be bought off of Amazon or made by those who are skilled at sowing. If you aren't a fan of the androids, then you can even look into cosplaying Emil, Nier himself, or going for Kaine. There is a decent pool of characters to chosoe from both that are well-known and obscure. Best of all, there are tons of weapons that you can make to accompany your cosplay.


6. Elden Ring

Elden Ring should be a familiar name in the gaming community right now due to its excellent open world. The game has inspired many cosplayers thanks to this with its elaborate characters and gothic-styled designs. While it takes quite a bit of talent to recreate characters like Ranni, cosplayers have already mastered her look. If you want to be a bit more dramatic in your cosplay and are looking for a challenge, then making Elden Ring cosplay is worth it for you.


5. Mario

Mario Kart Games

In a weird twist of events, the Mario series became one of the most popular gaming cosplays around. This is due to the monsters from the series being personified into characters like Boosette on social media. There are also a large number of cosplayers trying to recreate a more realistic Princess Peach. If you go to a con, you will also likely see a Waluigi or two wandering around. While these characters weren't originally a huge part of the cosplay circuit, the rise of platforms like TikTok has changed things.


4. Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you are looking for a simpler gaming cosplay, then Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a good choice. The games take you back into the olden times of the Pokemon world. It's here that you dress up in traditional gear and seek out Pokemon to tame. The uniforms seen in the game are also easily recognizable and are a bit easier to make due to their simple nature. If you want to make things a bit unique, then you can even wear one of the unique kimono tops.


3. Persona 5

Persona 5 helped to propel JRPGS into the mainstream. To put it simply, the game is stylish, sleek, and has an amazing soundtrack. The characters are also easy to relate to and have various outfits. This gives you the ability to cosplay their everyday attire or go for their thieve outfits. This is another type of gaming cosplay that can be made or easily found online if you would just rather go ahead and purchase it.


2. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is a gorgeous game with a unique style. The main character Aloy is a female icon and has an outfit that is easy to wear for cosplay purposes. If you aren't keen on cosplaying the protagonist herself, then there are several other major characters like Sylens to look at. Work wise it will take a moderate amount of work to create the looks from the game. Luckily, they are still much easier to make than a suit of armor.


1. Genshin Impact

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Without a doubt, Genshin Impact has become an industry titan. The game boasts over 30 major characters, many of which have already dominated the cosplay scene at local cons. If you are looking for a game with a large roster of characters and diverse costumes, then Genshin is the way to go. The outfits range in difficulty to make, but many of them can be bought and shipped to you quickly on Amazon.


So, what’s your take on these gaming cosplay ideas? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

Jessica is a resident otaku and Genshin-obsessed writer. Jess is an industry veteran who takes pride in working with JRPG and indie developers. Along with gaming, you can find them collecting anime figures and having too much faith in Isekai anime.